Smok Pen Review – A Look at the Build Quality and Performance of the Smok Pen

Smok Pen Review – A Look at the Build Quality and Performance of the Smok Pen

The SOK Pen is really a new pen that allows one to take your electronic writing device wherever you go. There are many of reasons why you would want to do this. You might find yourself carrying it in your pocket and going to the beach or to the park. You can even use the Smok Pen in your purse if you like not to carry around a charger or battery.

The SOK Pen includes a rechargeable lithium-ion cell and runs on the 0.3-ohm coil. To charge the SOK Pen, you’ll plug the USB into any compatible charger which you have. When you put the Smok Pen in to the charging port, the electronic gel reservoir is filled with silicone and the electronic circuit board. When you allow Smok Pen charge for a couple of hours, it will be all set. The charging and firing button on the Smok Pen is located on underneath side of the cap.

One of the better top features of the SOK Pen is the ability to replace the battery. Once the battery is finished charging the electronic circuitry board will require a replacement. The Smok Vaporizer includes a charging and firing system that works without a battery and the built in USB charging port means that you do not need to carry yet another battery or charger. You may be smoking very quickly.

Once you receive the Smok Pen, you will observe that the complete unit has been designed to be used with one cartridge. This is because the cartridge is what supplies the Smok using its unique feature: it does not must be refilled. Instead you can connect the entire pen to the USB port to enjoy a ready to fire vapour that’s flavoured for you personally. The e-liquid that you get from the system may differ and is based on your choice of liquid. There is a selection including apple flavour, chocolate and grapefruit flavours that is available from the Smok Pen range.

The pen has a very simple button control that allows one to change the airflow amount and in addition choose between three different levels of flavouring. This is simple and intuitive, and once you purchased the pen you will realize why they will have named it the SOK Pen. It is very easy to use and you may select your favourite levels and begin utilizing the airflow to customize your experience. The built-in atomizer permits you to create your own e-liquids and you may wish to try some different flavours to see those you like best.

With regards to power the Smok Pen uses a single triple-A battery. This is one of the newest generation of batteries that are available on the market today plus they provide a lot of power. The built-in charger ensures that you never have to be worried about your Smok Pen’s battery running out of juice. Typically a Smok Pen will last up to two hours so when you consider that a lot of pens enable you to enjoy up to six hours of usage, you’re now getting a great solution for just about any vaper. The built-in charger also ensures that your pet always has power which means that you do not have to worry about your pen dying out in the middle of a significant event.

The look of the Smok Pen is very unique because it has two coils and each one of these has a heat range which gives the vapor it produces an extremely unique taste. JUUL Pods Both coils are designed so that whenever the pen is heated it’ll coil around a metal plate. Once you touch the pen to your lips, heat melts the metal plate which in turn allows the liquid to feed. This gives you your entire traditional vapes with the vapor production and the unique flavor.

If you are looking for a very unique and affordable pen then search no further compared to the Smok Pen. The build quality is top notch and you would be very happy with the performance this pen has. It includes a warranty and a cap which are removable so that you could replace the entire unit if needed. Considering all of the features and the purchase price, you cannot go wrong when you make this purchase. The Smok Pen is certainly worth having in your arsenal.